1. A

    Flush mistake

    I just picked up a 1999 GSX limited. And of course I screw up right out of the gate… Was getting the engine started for fist time and had jump pack hooked up. I had hose connected to flush port. Not having checked and just been a boat guy my whole life I turned the hose on before the engine...
  2. M

    Trailer testing

    So i just put my 98 gs all back together and id like to try and run it on the trailer before i take it to a take for a real test. I attached a garden hose to the threaded tube near the jet pump turned on the ski then turned on the water and after a few seconds the engine cut off and water...
  3. Gordo

    winterizing exhaust system for speedster 150

    I am preparing to winterize my 2010 speedster 150 with the non SC , a 155 4 tec . I see in the manual that they suggest using shop air to get the water out of the exhaust system. I wonder how is it that when flushing the exhaust with a hose and water the engine needs to be running but when...
  4. T

    Do I need a flush kit for my gti 130 or will a garden hose work?

    I just purchased a new 2011 gti 130 se. Do I need a flush kit or will a regular garden hose work? I live in an apartment complex and don't own a garden hose. It appears that the hose will fit but I'm not sure.... Any feedback is appreciated! Brandon
  5. M

    Cleaning my 1997 sea doo gti after riding in the ocean

    I live about 5 minutes from the beach and i want to start riding in the ocean. Can someone please give me some tips on cleaning, flushing and caring for the sea doo after i ride in the ocean. Can i spray water into the engine compartment to rinse off the engine and internal components? Should...