1. dmackerson

    1993 seadoo explorer hypalon patch

    I hoping to get some guidance on patching hypalon . I have a 1993 seadoo explorer and was wonder if any one knew the best way to patch a couple minor pin hole leaks. Is there certain product anyone has had success with? Also what would be the best two cycle oil to run? Does it need to meet any...
  2. R

    FOR SALE 2002 Sea Doo Explorer RIB jet boat

    Very good condition... runs great ..fresh water 13ftx5 jet boat with reverse. 718cc 85 HP weight is 710 . crazy fun and stable to drive .. front and bow storage .. seats up to 5 passengers..Bimini top, anchor, night running lights/pole along with Sea Doo trailer. Great for fishing, tender for...
  3. O

    (Please Help!) 1994 SeaDoo Explorer

    Hello, I own a 1994 Seadoo Explorer with the 657 Rotax two-stroke engine. I went to pull the battery out today and while doing so the screwdriver I was using slipped out of my hand and went under the engine. I have tried to feel around for it/ grab it but there is just not enough room for my...
  4. Armysinger

    Hello ALL. SEA DOO EXPLORER Motor Upgrade

    Hello All, I am hoping I can get some quality advice on what to do with my Sea Doo Explorer. I have a 2002 Sea Doo Explorer with a worn out 717. Has lower compression (120's ) and needs a refreshing. I'd rather put the $700 - $800 towards a larger motor to get more power. Loaded down, it...
  5. M

    Explorer Tubes

    Hi There, Can anyone guide me to a new set of RIB tubes for a Seadoo Explorer? The machine is about 1994 I think. Thanks,
  6. S

    SeaDoo Explorer Price to SELL

    link to boat: http://longisland.craigslist.org/boa/1895708868.html PRICE DROP....NEED GONE :willy_nilly: Up for sale is a 1993 sea doo explorer jet boat. it is in amazingly excellent condition for its year. Comes with... Trailor 2covers tool kit, fire ext., flairs, horn, 2...
  7. R

    657 oiling

    OK, I got motor apart and it was the "Layrinth Sleeve" that attempted to weld itself to the crank that was the problem. What I do not get is the oiling for these areas. What oils the bearings at either end of the crank? With the engine apart, I am not seeing any oil passages. somebody please...
  8. R

    Wtb: 657

    Looking for 657 long block to salvage my daughters summer. I will pay/arrange shipping to CT 06379. racin84@excite.com