engine cutoff

  1. hawker

    Engine cutoff when accelerate

    Hi!! I having problems with my GTi 130 2009! When i accelerate, and the engines over 5000rpm, automaticaly the engine cutoff and appears "chk engine" on display! What may cause it? I need help!! Thanks! :)
  2. 1

    First time posting...98 XP Ltd. Help!

    First time posting... My buddy has a 98 XP Ltd. He has a problem where it will run from the go but once it gets going and gets warmed up it will shutoff and won't restart until the engine has cooled down again. My one suggestion is a heat sensor or other sensor somewhere along the...
  3. R

    1995 Speedster engine shutting each other down!

    Ok, yes I am new to this place, but Hi everyone. Now for the reason I am here. I have looked but did not find any posts like what mine is doing. I had one engine rebuilt and has less than 10 hrs on it. The other engine has good compression on it. BUT.... when i start both in the water and...
  4. seadoodude1

    2000 Challenger 2000 intermittent engine cutoff

    Took the boat out over spring break week. Challenger with Mercury 240 EFI M2 jet. Day 1 no problems. Day 2 filled up gas tank and during day engine would cut off periodically throughout the day but start right back up and run fine for another 30-45 minutes. Day 3 no problems. At first I thought...