engine blown

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    947 engine hydro locked

    Hello everyone I bought a 98 gsx limited a year or so ago fully dismantled and have since rebuilt the ski. During this rebuild I decided to remove the oil pump and block it off and run premix. I have ran it on a hose to test the engine for a bit of an extended period and was all okay. I then...
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    RESTO Engine Options

    I recently bought a 96 SeaDoo Challenger great shape cosmetically. Engine wise not so much. The block is completely useless and I’m trying to see exactly what all engines will work? Thanks
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    2011 RXT X Blown Engine Help...74 hours!

    Anyone have any thoughts or insight on the issue I'm experiencing? 2011 RXT-X, with 74 hours runtime - Seasonally serviced at BRP dealers The unit was running, shut down, restarted and had an obvious knock in the engine. The unit was operated to get to shore approximately ¼ mile at idle...
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    2006 gtx sc/ic seized

    I just subscribed to this forum today and overall new to the Seadoo wrenching world I am a car/truck mechanic by trade and have rebuilt tons of engines for them. I have also done motorcycle engine/transmission rebuilds. Ill start off by thanking everyone for their help and patients with this...
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    1996 Seadoo GSX blown engine? ..... HELP

    I was out testing my 1996 Seadoo XP to make sure my carb rebuild was successful on it, and my 1996 Seadoo GTX cut out. I never go out on the lake with one ski because tows are expensive. Luckily I have two skis, so that is usually not a problem. I was not riding my GSX, so I am not sure of the...