1. Collinfox01

    Speedometer calibration

    So I bought my 01 Gtx from my uncle. It hadn’t been run for 2 years but he always takes care of his things and it was garage kept. I had to put a need battery in it and to do that I had to unplug the speed sensor. Ever since I did that the speedometer won’t work. My uncle said it worked the last...
  2. Logan.mchose

    1996 seadoo xp no spark no gauges

    I rebuild an xp, whole engine, most components. Lost the OEM MPEM in the mail so I got an aftermarket one. Seems to work, it beeps twice when key is on and will turn over fine. I have no spark or gauges though. Replaced coil, starter solenoid, stator, and flywheel, I have no idea. Maybe the...
  3. J

    1996 seadoo GTX changed MPEM now no power

    Hi I am new to the forum. Recently acquired a 1996 seadoo GTX that was apparently having issues bogging at WOT. Saw note from dealer that said cleaned carb and it needed an MPEM replacement. I tried to fire it up and was turning over with no spark. Opened the water tight case for the mpem and it...
  4. S

    seadoo xp 110hp will not spark

    hello Jimmy Form the netherlands here. i have a seadoo xp 110hp probably from 96 since a week ore two. when i bought the seadoo it worked fine, once home it would not start and after checking the plugs they sparked only ones on the moment i push the start button continuously after...
  5. S

    digital dials stopped working

    hi, so i have a 2007 RXP, and i've been maintaining it as best as i can. I do full tuneup myself every year, and usually replace the battery (although original lasted 3 seasons) This year, i tried charging the old battery (it came up to 12 v) but the jet ski wouldn't start. My neighbor had...
  6. R

    please help!!! 92 seadoo gtx electrical issue

    i have a 1992 seadoo gtx. heres the problem. the battery is having issues charging, so i opened the electrical box to check for fuses, and sure enough the 15 amp fuse to the charging system was blown. i replaced it, and plugged the battery back in, and imediatly it blew again!! i tried putting a...