1. OneLastRideToronto

    Cold Weather Gear - Big Water / Suggestions / Groups

    Hello - I just upgraded to a larger ski this week (RXT-X aS 260) to increase the riding season and do more long trips (Early Spring & Fall). In turn I am looking for suggestions on dry suits, jackets or wetsuits as I plan to hit the lake in April once my marina opens in Bronte. Any...
  2. B

    93 GTX - Quick Question

    Just a real quick question here... I'm doing some work on a friend's 93 GTX 3-seater and I'm unfamiliar with the craft in question. Is there a water hose hookup on this model? If so, where is it at? I want to try firing it up but I don't like running them dry. Thanks for your help!
  3. chevyguy

    Starting from lift -- hard starts in water

    We finally got a lift for our 93 spx. Hard starts last year from sitting in water & sometimes water in bilge. What is the best way to launch from a lift? 1. Start it, lower lift, get on and ride? 2. Start. Stop. Lower lift, and ride? 3. Try starting it in water (this is what we had...