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Hello - I just upgraded to a larger ski this week (RXT-X aS 260) to increase the riding season and do more long trips (Early Spring & Fall). In turn I am looking for suggestions on dry suits, jackets or wetsuits as I plan to hit the lake in April once my marina opens in Bronte.

Any suggestions on stores in the GTA which carry cold weather gear?

I would also be looking for people who ride on the shoulder seasons or even early Spring and Fall.


Many have and LOVE a dry jacket. Most are fine with what is called a "Shortie". Basically a wet suit with short sleeves and short legs. If you are going to be in very cold water, then get a full wet suit. I would recommend what is called a "Farmer John" style. It is basically like bib-overalls that you wear on the bottom and then a shortie that slips over it for added protection. It can be bought with long or short sleeves. they can be bought in various thicknesses. For example, a 5mm suit will give you 5 mm coverage everywhere. When you were them together, your core will have 10 mm
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