1. NPack

    New Display(?) Killed My Speed & RPM - Sounds Funny

    Hey folks, My 2007 Sea-Doo RXT used to sound very deep and throaty with a consistent low rumble; it would consistently hit ~68mph out on flat water, accelerated great, hit 8k rpms, everything was good. End of last season, I put new oil, spark plugs, and a new display in and then winterized it...
  2. D

    LCD display 155se 2010

    Hi everyone! I m Danilo from Italy. I m an happy owner of a 155se from 2010. I bought it with broken display that I need to replace now. Can you tell me how can I do it. Is it easy to do by myself? Do I need to breake and replace the rivets? Thank you for helping me!
  3. I

    2007 4Tec GTI No Beep, no start

    Hi. I bought a 2007 4Tec GTI NA. Engine was shot. Rebuilt the engine. All fuses are good. When I put the lanyard in, the display lights up for 3 seconds and disappeared, but the “SEA DOO” text stays on as long as the key/lanyard is plugged in. I checked the power relay, it does click/switch...
  4. D

    Digital Display Problems

    Hoping someone here can help me with a problem on a 2000 Seadoo RX DI Millenium Edition I just bought yesterday. The previous owner indicated the display(s) was acting up, mentioning it looks like Chinese writing and he couldn't make out notifications like MPH, among other things. Also, it would...
  5. F

    translation of french guages

    i'm working on a 96 seadoo gsx and the guages display in french. till i get it over to the dealer to have the laguage changed with the buds unit, does anyone have any idea what "comb" means? i figure there are only a few words it's set to display. thanks.
  6. D

    My gauges aren't working.

    Hello. New guy here. I hope I'm in the right place. My 2002 gtx 4-tec gives me 2 short beeps then 2 long beeps and the red light next to the exclamation point symbol blinks but otherwise no lcd display. Any ideas?