1. Riles

    Impeller boot cut

    Hi everyone, just wondering if this cut in the the impeller boot of my seadoo is anything to worry about. I noticed the cut in the boot in a photo I took a few months ago of a fishing lure caught in my impeller, I’ve used the seadoo 3 times since that fishing lure got caught in my impeller (I...
  2. Elster

    Rotary valve surface damage?

    hello guys, I would like if anyone could criticize this Rotary valve surface. Because there is missing some metal near by one of the inlet holes. Do you think this engine could run good with this damage? With kindly regards, Elster
  3. benstoker

    rotary valve crankcase grooves

    Hey everyone. I recently bought a 94 gtx fixer upper and have just pulled the engine on it. When I removed the carbs and rotary valve case, I noticed a chunk was missing from the rotary valve. The case looks fine (no grooves or anything) but the crankcase side is all sorts of grooved. From what...
  4. T

    Advice for my GTS, Please!!

    So I've been restoring my '95 GTS. I'm trying to get it back to showroom new. today, for the first time in four years, fired her up. Started instantly without hesitation, no choke or anything. I don't really know what else i should look for. Taking it to the lake this weekend so i guess I'll...
  5. S

    '09 Sea-Doo Speedster Problems / Repair

    Greetings All, I got the boat back in April and was original going half with a friend of mine. Long story short we got into an argument and he wants nothing to do with the boat basically leaving it to me. Since April he has caused some damage and I would like to repair it but have questions...