1. J

    Rxt-x 260 blown motor?

    I took my 2015 rxt 260 our for a ride last night and it made a bit of a whining noise right when it started but it went away after. A few minutes later an alarm went off saying that the oil was too hot. After seeing this I shut it off immediately and sat a a little while. I then noticed white...
  2. A

    Next Steps to Problem Solve a Coolant Leak?

    I have a 2010 180 255 hp Challenger. Coolant is leaking. I took it to the repair shop to do a pressure test and they said nothing is wrong. I am now fairly certain it is releasing from the coolant reserve because the engine is getting too hot. The oil looks clean, so I believe it is not a head...
  3. ww111

    2009 Sea-Doo Islandia coolant flow

    Hi guys, Port engine is fine, hook hose up to external inlet and water flows like it should from Exhaust. Starboard engine not so much. Tried to back flow and again, nothing. Put 100 PSI of air in and again nothing. Didn't run it long enough for the light, but is there a common blockage...
  4. L

    2002 seadoo gtx coolant leaking and a seprate issue of smoking.Help advice wanted

    Hi,any help advice would be greatly appreciated,recently purchased a 2002 seadoo gtx with 95hr on clock, took ski out and noticed it smoking at idle this is same on hose however with throttle on water this clears up,any ideas of what is causing this issue,also i have an issue were im finding...
  5. steelcityneal

    Engine Temp Warning / Coolant Hose

    Today I took a ride to Erie and within 10 min ( ready to hit the waves) I got an engine temp alarm. I quickly shut down an looked at my coolant and it was empty. Pre ride check before i got on the water it was full to the appropriate levels! after a sketchy ride back to dock and pulled it. I...
  6. C

    2004 Sea Doo GTX Supercharged high RPMs and losing coolant. Please help!!!

    Hello. I just purchased a 2004 Sea Doo GTX supercharged with 210 hours on it and only 10 hours on the rebuilt supercharger. However it seems to have 2 problems: 1) When driving it seems to be bogged down and rev very high RPMS until it reaches about 20 mph. Once it hits that it runs...
  7. dothadoo

    Intercooler Coolant

    Has anyone ever tried Engine Ice in their intercooler? If so, have you noticed a difference, as it is supposed to lower the temp by 10-15 degrees or so. I have some left from when I owned my motorcycle and no sense in wasting it. Typically it was made for a regular radiator.
  8. dothadoo

    Engine Ice?

    So, i have some Engine Ice coolant left over from my motorcycle days. Has anyone had any experience with this product running in their intercooler? It is supposed to cool the engine by up to about 10-15 degrees or so.
  9. A

    Coolant for radiator? Speedster 150 2011

    My coolant is a little low and i need to top it off. Can i use the the 50/50 automotive stuff? I cant find specific marine antifreeze anywhere. Also what is the procedure for a drain and flush for the closed loop system? Thanks!