1. W

    2006 Seadoo Challenger 180 Harness Help

    Had a short in my harness and some blue smoke got out. :( Having a hard time to find the replacement connector or harness. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Davester32

    2004 Seadoo GTX - Corroded pins on connector to computer

    Brought my machine in to have something done. They fixed that, but now they are telling me a new issue 'developed'. They said the connector to the computer has eroded pins. It ran when i brought it in, but I can't fault them if they took the connector off and the pins turned to dust (i'll give...
  3. T

    Can't find where connector goes on '96 Challenger. Please help!

    I feel dumb but I can't figure out where this connector is supposed to run to on my '96 Challenger. I don't see anywhere that it could potentially plug in under the steering wheel compartment with all of the lights, bilge, blower, and ignition switches. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  4. kilgorekb

    Fuel guage connector pinout

    My shop manual says to measure PURPLE/PINK and BLACK at the gauge plug. I unplug the connector and place multimeter leads on the specified wires (pin 1 and 3). I press the start/stop button... the relay clicks... I get 11.90V. I plug the connector back into the gauge... no reading on the...
  5. D

    Disconnect/Replace Electrical Connectors

    I have a 96/xp that has a bad start/stop switch. Since my VTS unit is currently on the fritz and is disconnected I was thinking of highjacking one of the vts switches in the handlebars and using it as a start stop switch (I'm cheap, I know). I have tried one other time to disassemble one of...