1. B

    Seadoo rxt rev limit issue

    I have an 07 seadoo rxt. The starter solenoid was junk so I replaced that and the fuses because it wouldn’t start. Finally got it running and now I have a check engine light and it won’t go above 6k RPM (35 mph) does not overheat or anything but I did notice a clicking kind with the key out when...
  2. k_24

    2002 seadoo xp vts clicking but not working

    I have a 2002 seadoo xp 951 the vts motor is dry and works when u connect it directly to the battery but when i connect it to the 2 leads in the box it just clicks but nothing works . the 7.5 fuse is not blown . was missing ,i replaced it and it made no difference weirdly it was...
  3. D

    1995 GTX starter clicking

    First, thanks for hosting such a great forum. I am thrilled with being a member and grateful to all those who have helped the SeaDoo community. I will admit that I have not become familiar enough with the site to conclude that I have done a full, exhaustive search on my problem before...
  4. L

    2009 rxt 215 won't start!

    Dewinterized pac and all I get is a single click when I hit the power button. Replaced both the battery since it was two years old and solenoid. Still just one click. Every so often I will get a click and some engine turnover, but will still not start. Only has 20 hours so I am baffled as to...
  5. R


    I have a 2004 seadoo gtx supercharged. Last year every so often when I went to start it, it would make a clicking noise one time when you hit the start button. I replaced the battery thinking that was the problem but it did the same thing this weekend. It does not do it every time just every so...
  6. 9

    !997 Seadoo XP Starting problems

    Hi i own a 1997 seadoo xp and every year there seems to be a new problem with it... AT the end of last season it woulndnt turnover and it sounded like a dead battery so we tried a couple different batteries and it still woulndnt start. Now when we try to start it it will beep when you attach...