1. Shane0524

    FOR SALE Cleanest 1996 GTX in the Country

    INTERESTED BUYERS ONLY. Title in hand. This is quite possibly the cleanest 1996 Sea-Doo GTX in the country. 2-owner, highly maintained, 112 hours. All original. Runs excellent, EVERYTHING works. Problematic grey fuel lines have been replaced. Carburetors just cleaned, RAVE exhaust power...
  2. Nickname

    How to properly rinse/flush a ski bilge

    Hello guys, I was wondering how does one properly flush a bilge on a ski. I'm aware how to flush the exhaust, but not the bilge. Are you suppose to just start spraying the engine compartment with water? Doesn't seem like a good idea, even though i'm aware that it's a watercraft and things can...
  3. DSchmidt54

    My 96 Build!

    Alright guys so to be blatantly honest... I'm sitting in my dorm trying to burn time until i can go home (tomorrow) and start dewinterizing my ski (and maybe go out for a quick test run). So I figured I would make a tread on my entire rebuild of my 336 Hour 1996 Used and abused GTX. Day One...
  4. P

    Inherited seadoo that wasnt running

    I got a seadoo from my father inlaw when he passed. It just made a clunk when I tried to start it. I have never worked on engines or owned a seadoo. So I took manifold off, took out starter, cleaned all connections, got water out of engin, put oil in sparkplug holes, ex. I finaly got it to fire...
  5. S

    How to Get Dye/Ink Stains off Vinyl Seats

    Does anyone know how to get swimsuit dye marks off of white marine vinyl?
  6. powerslave

    Best way to clean OEM seadoo cover?

    Just bought a 95 xp, really nice but I'll post that in a different thread. It came with the original cover. It's not in bad shape at all but want to know best way about cleaning it and taking off some of the mold, mildew that is on it. Thanks.
  7. A

    How should I clean my fuel tank?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on cleaning a fuel tank on a 97 Sportster. Does the motor have to come out for the tank to come out? Please let me know any cleaners, methods, or tips you have for cleaning a fuel tank. There is a bunch of flaky brown stuff that's coming up and clogging filters.
  8. Brholwer

    how to clean RAVE valves on 1996 seadoo xp

    just wondering how to do it and what i need to know where they are
  9. Brholwer

    96 Xp how to clean/check the spin fuel filter and clean fuel selector switch

    i have a 1996 seadoo xp, just wondering how to do it could someone post some pictures or something
  10. 9

    Cleraning Pistons

    I recently got some advice from a local mechanic and I just wanted to pass it along to ya'll and see if it was good/sound advice before I attempt it on my own ski... First off I have a Seadoo 97 GTS with a 717 engine... and I have noticed as of recently that the engine is not preforming as...
  11. 1

    SeaDoo XP Carbs & Hoses

    I just traded for a 93 SeaDoo XP that supposedly has "bad" carbs due to deteriorated fuel lines? Is this usually just a carb cleaning/rebuild or will it require more? I may have found a set of good carbs. Does the 1993 XP use the same carbs as the 1994 XP?