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    Fuel line check valves

    I recently got a 1992 Seadoo GTS that would not start due to a bad Mpem unit. I replaced that, and I was able to get a spark. Now it's on to the fuel delivery. I wasn't able to suck in any gas so I decided to redo the entire fuel system. I found that the 2 lines inside the gas tank (from fuel...
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    Accelerator Pump Check Valves

    I am currently rebuilding a BN-40i-38 carburetor for my SeaDoo 2001 GTS 5521. Below I have a picture of the bottom of the accelerator pump. I know for sure one is a check valve and it's working, but I'm not sure if the other one is a check valve. Can someone please confirm?
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    2 sizes of tubing for 951 RAVE pulse line? (4.3mm looks too small for barb)

    1999 XP Limited 951 I am replacing the RAVE pulse line and check valve. The barbs on the crankcase and check valve look too large for the 4.6mm hose specified. The barb on the solenoid looks like the right size, but the others on the crankcase and check valve look like 1/4 inch. Is there a...
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    Check valves connected to the fuel system vs fuel starvation

    First of all, thanks for this excellent forum. This is my first try to solve a technical problem related to my Seadoo (that used to work like a charm for years now) and I found highly relevant information here. I am currently experiencing what looks like a fuel delivery problem on my 1996 GTS...
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    1996 Challenger oil level sensor check valve

    1996 Challenger model 5896 My problem is that several hours after running my boat several ounces of oil leaks out the check valve located on the top of the oil level sensor. I have not noticed any leakage while the engine is running or immediately after it is shut down. Th oil tank is not...