carb problem

  1. Reardon41

    787 hesitation...?

    Hey guys so ive had this problem all last summer and still having it and im hoping someone has a solution. So my 97 gsx has like a hesitation when you pull the throttle in all the way. For example if i take a sharp turn and mash the throttle it will only go to about to 4800-5000 rpms and if i...
  2. Reardon41

    Intresting discovery today?!?

    hello all, first post here lol i plan to "show off" my project soon but anyways a buddy of mine picked up a 96 xp last weekend and we decided to check a few things today. Upon pulling the carbs off we found something not so good. i have no clue how it happened but id like to get a little input...
  3. mlindblad

    1997 GTI Slow Acceleration?

    Hi, I recently purchased a 1997 GTI and have been having acceleration issues. It has to be a carb problem but I can't seem to figure it out! When I go to take off from idle, giving it full throttle, it kind of plows halfway on plane for 5-10 seconds before taking off. Once it takes off it...
  4. X

    97 XP Jetting & Elevations - What elevation range is stock jetting typically set for?

    What elevations is the stock jetting on a seadoo 787 xp with the BN-40i dual carbs rated for? I am trying to figure out where to start on proper jet sizing to get it tuned in. Compression is good on both cylinders. I'm used to jetting our 2 stroke motocross dirt bikes, this is my first jet...