1. N

    98 gsx in need of parts $

    I have a 98 gsx looking for the rear bumper trim it is (rear bumper trim (indigo) 291000866) can’t find wondering in someone has one laying around that’s just a part ski they would be willing to sell me one off of here’s ski for reference it is the blue one on the left
  2. T

    Is it possible to only have 71 hours on a 14 year old rxt?

    Did this person buy it and not ride it? I would do that in one summer.
  3. S

    Wanted to buy: UMI steering for X4

    anything for sale?
  4. J

    New to PWC

    Hi All, Looking to get into PWC's and buy a Sea-Doo for this coming season. I live down the road from a lake so I'd have plenty of time to ride. Any takes on buying a used one compared to a new one? When I look at the price/hours for recent used machines it makes more sense to buy new...
  5. XARiUS

    Want to Buy a DI Air Injector -- 219700275

    I am looking for an Air Injector for my SeaDoo GTX Di 2000. Thanks Doo'ers.
  6. IDoSeaDoo

    what's it worth?

    I'm looking at a deal: 96 seadoo xp with the lame pink lower hull, neglected under the sun, cracked seat in need of reupholstry (guy has the seadoo leather for it). Handle bar vinyl completely gone, styrafoam underneath is starting to rot away too... Engine threw a rave valve, will need at least...
  7. T

    Need 1995 spx parts!

    Hi, I am looking for anyone who has parts to fit a 1995 SPX. Right now I particulary need a front hood cover. I'd like a hood cover with gauges and mirrors, but let me know what you've got and how much your looking to get for it. Thanks
  8. M

    new 98 challenger 1800 owner with ?'s

    Hello guys, I have been looking over this site for a bit now to learn a little more before buying a jet boat. There is tons of great info on here!!!!! Awesome. Now I just picked up a 98 challenger 1800 and took it to the marina to go over before I give up the rest of the money for this...
  9. B

    looking for speedster or challenger '95-00 St Louis

    looking for speedster or challenger '95-00 St. Louis area