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Hi All,

Looking to get into PWC's and buy a Sea-Doo for this coming season. I live down the road from a lake so I'd have plenty of time to ride.

Any takes on buying a used one compared to a new one?

When I look at the price/hours for recent used machines it makes more sense to buy new.

Any thoughts?

Late model used 4-tec skis are the way to go IMO. Super easy to maintain.

Give us a clue as to what and how you want to ride.

Speed, tow tubes, 2 or 3 seater etc etc.
I'm looking for a sporty 2-up machine that can occasionally pull tubes and wake boards.
I've been researching models for the last couple of years and now I'm serious for this summer.
I like the 2017 Sea Doo GTR X 230. What do you think????
Has all the features I want and more, plus the X model is simply gorgeous.

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