1. Riles

    Impeller boot cut

    Hi everyone, just wondering if this cut in the the impeller boot of my seadoo is anything to worry about. I noticed the cut in the boot in a photo I took a few months ago of a fishing lure caught in my impeller, I’ve used the seadoo 3 times since that fishing lure got caught in my impeller (I...
  2. AirJordan613

    Torn boot, not sure what the underlying problem is please help!!

    Hi everyone. I was launching my '93 gtx when I noticed water rushing in. Lucky I never unhooked it from the trailer or it would be a goner. The drive shaft boot is torn. The motor end of the boot itself spins when the motor is turning which is why the boot tore. What do I need to do to fix this...
  3. L

    $100.00 for a rubber boot for Ignition Coil?

    2002 GTX 4-tec. The rubber "boot" at the top of the ignition coil that fits inside the spark plug tube is torn with small pieces missing. If I could find this rubber boot for sale, it is probably worth $2.00, but would be priced at $25.00 because it's SeaDoo. I could not find a boot so I bit...
  4. Chips

    Using Rubber Fitting instead of "Protection Hose"/"Protective Boot" for Drive System

    I have a 1997 Speedster and can't get in time for this weekend, an OEM boot that covers the axle and connects to the carbon ring and hull insert. I am thinking my worn out boot is causing cavitation since I have tried every other area if potential issue for the problem. I am wondering if...
  5. C

    Speedster help!!!

    Dear Friends, Summer is passing me by and all I have had are problems. On the 4th of July a friend got a tow rope caught, my broth in law is a wizard and got it out. All ran well for he last two weekends. We noticed last weekend that the bilge was filling up w water, we were pulling a 3...