1. sethsmind

    Tuned pipe - 1996 GTX - Special Tool?

    Do I need a special tool to remove the 1 bolt that you can't see?
  2. S

    Help! 97 GTX Steering - Bolt Snapped!

    Today while I was riding, the steering ceased to function and I started doing circles. I hopped in to investigate and the plastic steering cover was almost off. I was able to push it back on and idle in. The top bolt snapped! It is the very top bolt that holds the steering "cowel" in...
  3. T

    1503 Engine CranckCase need to know witch tool use to remove those

    Hi guys, Are these bolt cover or really bolt ? Do you know with tool to use, seams to have a lot of tork thanks
  4. P

    water coming from head bolt - why

    There is water coming out of one of the head bolts on my 96 speedster (twin 85hp). What does this mean? Crack in head?
  5. M

    Fuel Rail Bolt Stripped...Help needed

    I was winterizing my 2008 RXT this weekend and after fogging the cylinders and putting the 2 fuel rail bolts in the one seemed like it stripped. I tightened it by hand as much as possible so i don't think the bolt stripped. I am not sure if the sleeve that's molded into the manifold slipped or...
  6. 9

    Need White Mirrors

    I am in need of a set of mirrors for my 95 GTX... the mirrors I need are the ones with the 4 bolt set-up... I say this cause I have found some that only have a one bolt and thats not what I need... If you have a pair and would like to sell them to me please send me a message and we can exchange...