blown engine?

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    Rxt-x 260 blown motor?

    I took my 2015 rxt 260 our for a ride last night and it made a bit of a whining noise right when it started but it went away after. A few minutes later an alarm went off saying that the oil was too hot. After seeing this I shut it off immediately and sat a a little while. I then noticed white...
  2. M

    1994 GTS dies out of nowhere

    Got a 94 GTS this weekend... changed the gas as it had been sitting and checked the oil. Started first try and ran amazing... didnt pin it ever but had been pulling a wakeskate for a couple hours (never past 2/3 throttle). Was idling waiting for a person to grab the rope when the idle went...
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    95 XP Connecting Rod End Play-Help

    Hello, I need some help. My 95 XP must have broken the oil cable last year. The Top end is damaged by way of the rear piston side walls breaking away. The motor ran on the hose when this happened for less than 2 minutes. The piston debris was in the crank case causing the crank not to turn...
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    Junk It?

    Just before memorial day, I cleaned up my 97 GTI from winter storage and started it up with a garden hose hooked up to it. It was running great after having been winterized. I was revving the engine when suddenly it cut off like it blew up. Will not crank now. Is the engine blown? Jet pump...