1. Shane0524

    Impeller bearing noise?

    I had some cavitation so I pulled my pump and found the ring and prop pretty dinged up. It spins freely but it makes a little of a scraping noise when spinning. Is this normal? the machine has 55 hours on it and had a pump oil change about 10 hours ago. I'm going to change the impeller out so I...
  2. D

    PLEASE HELP NEW-B.. Jet pump shaft wont fit new bearings

    Hi all- Im new here; I hope I am doing this right and in the right section. I have a 97 GSX. I pulled the jetpump to do a rebuild. Got the new needle bearings etc... and the shaft will smoothly go through the rear bearing but not the other bearing. I thought it was maybe defective or...
  3. J

    2006 sea doo 3d- impeller bearing

    my friend recently bought a 2006 sea doo 3d and the impeller bearing is toasted and we are not sure how to replace it..... can anyone help with this PLEASE!! we really want this fixed for the long weekend, thanks in advance.
  4. H


    Hey guys and girls, i was looking at an add recently about a 1998 xp limited with a spun main bearing for $800 (canadian) and i was just wondering if it would be economical to buy it and rebuild the motor and how much roughly would it be to re-build it ? thanks , tyler