battery issues

  1. coolhand86

    Battery drain - 1998 GSX Limited

    I have a 1998 Seadoo GSX Limited that is experiencing significant battery drain. I have searched the forums and tried many things, but I am at a loss on what to do next and could use some help please! I acquired this ski a few months ago and had the carbs rebuilt (not time to do it myself). The...
  2. V

    Help! Engine wont start

    Hey guys, Im brand new to the forum, but hopefully you can help me out! I went to start my 2001 RX DI today and it will not start. I plug my key in, and you can hear the pump start and the console works but showing maintenence light, but when i go to start it, nothing happens. Last weekend I...
  3. G

    GTX Battery Not Charging

    I posted this, verbatim, to the Sea-Doo GTX Facebook group, and got great responses that were very helpful in understanding where to start, and what to look for; but was advised to open up to what the plethora of experts in this forum has to offer. Here goes: "Need help, you guys. Joe...