1. P

    FOR SALE Seadoo Alignment, Carbon Seal Tool, Crank/Cam Locking Tools

    I have several Seadoo 1503 tools for sale. Also have floating ring tool and PTO support tool (never used), as well as cam and crank locking tools (used once). WSM Sea-Doo 1503 PTO Support Tool! This part meets or exceeds OEM specifications! Fits the applications listed below: Brand : WSM Item...
  2. B

    engine / motor alignment tool needed in Raleigh NC area

    Like the title says I needs it for my 96 XP!!! I will obviously come to you and make it as easy on you as possible! Please let me know I need it ASAP! Respond here and PM me and we will work out details. Thanks, Bryan
  3. 3ftDeep

    How To Do An Engine Alignment on a Sea-Doo PWC

    A short video outlining the steps to vertically (and left-to-right) align the engine of your Sea-Doo personal watercraft. Performed on a 2012 GTR 215 Sea Doo, it shows the additional steps required when the engine mount retaining screws fail. How To: Engine Alignment on a Sea-Doo PWC - YouTube
  4. XARiUS

    Seadoo Alignment Tool

    I have a SeaDoo alignment tool for older Seadoo Models with a 587, 657, 717, 800 or 951 Am located in the Beaver County Area of PA (about 30miles outside the city of Pittsburgh) Contact me via email if you need to use it.
  5. M

    Alignment tool in Perth

    Hi there. Anyone in Perth here have an alignment tool I could borrow in exchange for some beer? Just replaced the rear port side engine mount in my 97 gsx. Thanks, Stotty
  6. gtr86

    2000 GTI 717 Wear ring and impeller install in Central IL

    Have a 2000 GTI and we are doing a pump maintenance, new impeller and wear ring replacement, we removed all parts and had the drive shaft straightened too as it was bent, old impeller and rough and wear ring was bad too. We are putting it all back together and when we tried to tighten down the...
  7. I

    787 Crankshaft Counterbalance alignment

    Hi all, I have been caught with no marks on the crankshaft to align the counterbalance shaft. I have read the following thread "First, it is called a COUNTERbalancer shaft. That means the porkchops should be the OPPOSITE of the porkchops on the crankshaft. A crankshaft has pins that hold it...
  8. jocii

    Steering Alignment

    I noticed that my steering appears to be out of alignment. To go straight the wheel is to the right at 2 o'clock position. Out of the water it is clear that the nozzle will move further to the left than the right (viewing from behind looking forward). And with the nozzle straight the wheel is...
  9. D

    need help

    I had my friend run into my sea doo last summer while riding. It still runs but the turning is way off, i have to turn it way left just to go straight; alignments out. and there is a small hole on the top. I am trying to find out the best way to take care of this matter myself. I just dont...
  10. L

    Engine Pump Alignment Tool

    I have a Sea-Doo engine alignment tool for sale. Complete with all plates and hardware. Like-new condition. - $100 plus shipping If interested, please PM me. Thanks!
  11. L

    Universal SBT Engine/Pump Alignment Tool FS

    Hi, I have a universal alignment tool from SBT for sale. Complete in like-new condition. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  12. L

    Alignment tool in SE MI?

    Anyone from SE Michgan have an engine/pump alignment tool? I am looking to borrow, rent or buy one for my 787. Shoot me a PM if you are nearby. Thanks! Jason