air intake

  1. PolloCalores

    Westcoast Flame Arrestor

    Hey all, recently acquired a Westcoast Flame Arrestor used, but I've never used it myself. The person I acquired it from claims that it was a fairly rare part, and I haven't really seen many of them myself after doing about an hour of research on the thing. I have it for sale right now, not...
  2. Brad Ramirez

    Good Spay For Air Intake ??

    Hey Guys, What is a good spray to use in the air intake, other than Bombardier Lube? Ive seen so many people talking about what to spray on the engine but not much about what should go in it. Ive also seen people say yes and no to WD40. I'm thinking SeaFoam would be good....???
  3. S

    Air Intake replacement Speedster 150 2007

    Good Day, Thats my second post in seadoo fourms, and i hope you guys can help me with my problems, Boat: seadoo Speedster 150, 215 SCIC 2007 i did some air intake modification on the boat, and now im facing a problem with the rectifier / regulator as its not cooling down from the old air...
  4. T

    Cold Air Intake

    I just purchased the RS13050-06 -Sea-Doo Performance Power Filter Kit for my Sportster 215. i was wondering if anyone had installed it on their boat? Were ther any mods needed? The directions are for a RXT and show how to install on the ski. Pete at Riva said it works fine on the boat. I just...