1. H

    Balancer bearing blew

    I have a 1996 seadoo xp and it has unknown hours, blew out the balancer bearing and the side of the case wasn’t aware I did this right away so I idled back to the beach. Got a new motor that has a broken rv gear and crank gear. Can I use the case and shaft to build a new motor? Or is my crank...
  2. L

    Trim fuse blowing

    For a good one for y’all, I can’t figure it out to save my life... I have cleaned connections , checked ground and everything ... last summer my fuse for my 1996 xp kept blowing, I replaced it, blew again.. but only when you trim up... I pulled the motor and put a new one in.. when trimming...
  3. Brholwer

    96 xp wont start, clicking at solenoid but won't crank even crossing terminals

    Hey all, i rode my xp hard weekend of the fourth and got too much water on it and it wouldnt start, but then it would turn over, now it wont even turn over. I got a new solenoid and tried it but still nothing, i hit the start button and just a click from the solenoid. I tried crossing the...
  4. S

    96 xp sputtering problem

    Hey you guys, so ill try to explain my self as clearly as possible. Ive owned my xp for 2 yrs now and I must admit that im in love with it. Theres just a slitght issue with it. Out on the trailer the ski idles normal and even when I tap the throttle it sounds great but when I get in the water...
  5. S

    96 xp MPEM or Solenoid?

    I have a 96 xp, when I hit the start button the guages and everything works as it is supposed to including timer. The solenoid will not click and send juice to starter. The Y/R wire from MPEM that provides + to solenoid has 11.4 volts. When I bench tested the solenoid with 12.5 volts the...