951 rebuild

  1. M

    GSX Limited (951 - 1997.5) Engine Problems

    See videos here. I was out in the water today pushing ~3/4 throttle when the ski bogged down and died. It refused to start again, and the clock reset when I managed to get it restarted after multiple MPEM reseats. Starter would not go, but began to barely kick at first, then came back to full...
  2. davemath

    WSM Gasket Top end gasket kit on my 951 1mm / 4 over bore - Whats inside?

    So I went the route of a 1mm over bore to fix the OEM piston ring and RAVE crash scoring on my 951 RX DI. I bought the WSM platinum pistons and their WSM top-end gasket kit. I put it all together by mimicking the installation on the parts from what I removed from the OEM head on the ski. I...
  3. PolloCalores

    2000 GTX 951 Rebuild Cost

    Hello all, I am currently toying with the idea of purchasing one of my Dad's friends old skis. It's a 2000 GTX Millenium with the carbed 951 motor. He is currently looking to simply get rid of the ski altogether. The engine needs rebuilt and that brings me to my questions. The engine was...
  4. L

    2001 Seadoo GTX 951 DI water leak after complete rebuild

    Hey guys, so last summer I purchased a 2001 GTX DI and it has been nothing but a headache since. I have owned a few skis prior but never had to do a complete rebuild on one. I am fairly mechanically inclined so when I purchased this ski in need of a rebuild I didn't think much of it, until I did...
  5. 9

    Beginning 98 XP Limited Project Rebuild

    Hey everybody, Just bought a fairly good condition 98 XP Limited Seadoo. Got a great price on it with a brand new Triton aluminum trailer. Just wondering if you guys would be able to give me some direction on this project, the XP hull is in great condition, however does not run, checked...