787 rfi

  1. E

    SeaDoo 787 RFI new engine won’t run

    I have a 2000 GTX with a new SBT reman engine and it just will not run. I checked the timing 3 times and the rotary valve is exactly right. It will start running then backfire and stop. What else can I check?
  2. J

    Seadoo 3d starting issues

    Hi new to this forum. Picked up a seadoo 3d rfi about a year ago now. Was out riding it a few weeks ago and when I stopped for a while and went to restart I was only getting a jolt from the starter motor (doesn't turn engine over). On further examination the motor would turn over and start when...
  3. Raymond 88

    1999 GSX RFI 787 Crankseal leaking

    Hi , I am bringing a 1999 GSX RFI out of winter storage. Finding quite a bit of oil in the cylinders after starter struggling to turn over engine. Turns over fine with plugs out. Anyone with experience with this issue and recommendations for getting it in the water to see if it is worth moving...
  4. I

    2005 GTi LE RFI 787 Oil pump volume

    This is probably a basic question but wanted to confirm before buying a new pump. This engine has a history of blown big end, seized rotary valve and piston. (at different times and not with me) I have completed the latest rebuild and want to ensure proper oil flow before damaging another...
  5. B

    2003 GTI LE RFI won't start in water

    I have a 2003 GTI LE RFI that is hard to start in the water. Just had a complete rebuild of the engine(787), new starter, new battery, etc... Starts fine out of water but once in the water after a 5 or 10 minute run when i go to restart it fires but won't start. We then find that if i lift it...