240 efi

  1. Tugboat62

    2005 SeaDoo 205se Utopia with 240 - solid alarm after idle

    I just bought this boat (in May) and have had a persistent problem if i idle it (to get out canals to river) after about 20 minutes it will sound a constant alarm (like overheating) but the head temp is never above 135 degrees and exhaust manifolds are around 120. The engine will not let itself...
  2. I

    Newbie with a 2001 Speedster

    I just picked up a 2001 Seadoo Speedster with the 240 Mercruiser engine. This is my first jet boat so I know nothing about it. I do know it is a 2-stroke and has an oil tank that takes 2 stroke oil and I was told to buy Quicksilver brand. I’m not sure what type to buy which leads me to ask where...
  3. tonytek

    Challenger 2000 240 efi v6 starts idle for 2 seconds and stops

    hey guys hope everyone is doing well. I can use your help trying to figure out my issues with a 2000 challenger 240 refi v6 I recently got the boat and don't have much info about it just that it did not run. I changed the head gasket and drained the fuel tank. currently connected the 3rd...
  4. AnviL Man

    Which impeller and wear ring do I need?

    2003 Speedster 240 EFI. I want to replace the impeller and wear ring but I am having a hard time finding what I need. I am googling and ebay but I cannot find something that literally says it'll fit my specific boat. I am unaware if other models have the same impeller as mine as I am seeing...
  5. S

    2001 Seadoo Challenger 1800 240 EFI Oil Pump bypass Instructions

    Can someone point me to a good thread that provides the procedure to bypass the oil pump? I have a 2001 Challenger 1800 240 EFI that has sat for 10 years and I am working on getting it back in the water. I want to do the oil pump bypass to be safe. Also what is the best spark plug for this...
  6. S

    2001 challenger 1800 sat for 10 years

    Hi, I have 4 questions I hope you guys can answer. 1)I have a 2001 challenger 1800 240 EFI that sat for 10 years. Just put in a new battery and when I turn on the key a relay (lookin at the motor from the drivers seat - right side) just keeps clicking and the starter spins but does not...
  7. T

    2000 Speedster w/ Merc 240EFI - won't start after warmed up

    Hey kids, I've combed the forums, and incorporated as much as I could find before posting, so that I wouldn't waste anybody's time. I'm going to include everything I think may be relevant, so please bear with me. First, a quick disclaimer...I just bought this boat, so I don't have a lot...
  8. C

    Merc M2 240HP EFI Fuel Pump Questions!!!!!!!!!

    My primary pump just went out. I havent been able to find any used Merc parts dealers, and the cheapest on eI could find is $581. Can someone point me in the direction of places that sell fuel pumps for cheaper? Or used dealers. Thanks
  9. kurly

    2001 Challenger 2000 Engine Bogged Down While Underway

    240 EFI engine, manufactured Feb 2001. Reliable engine for the past two years I've owned the boat. Always started and ran with no problems. Took the boat out for the third or fourth time this season. About a mile out from the launch, I reduced throttle as I approached some wake and the...
  10. B

    Impeller for 240 merc

    Ok I've had the boat a couple years and the cavitaion just gets worse. So, after much research I found that I will need the Prop reconditioned, wear ring bored and lined w/ SS and have the stator fins recondioned. Any Tips on how to get all that stuff off with minimal hassel. I understand the...
  11. koby6587

    Need help on 240 efi part have pics almost done with rebuild

    I am having trouble with finding where and what this bracket bolts to I'm pretty sure the throttle cable conn ects with this. If anyone has any idea or especially pictured it would more than make my day thank you