1. L

    2007 230 Challenger SE Gelcoat Color

    I am looking to repair a few marks in the navy blue gelcoat on my new to me 2007 230 Challenger SE. Does anyone happen to have any information on the navy blue color used on this hull? I have contacted Spectrum, Gelcote International, and BRP to obtain color codes, names etc and no one seems...
  2. Lovehamr

    SOLD 2021 GTR230

    2021 GTR230. Title in hand. Asking 16K. A little over 54hrs, second oil change just done at 50. Still riding it so hrs may go up a bit. Includes trailer, built-in Garmin Chart plotter/depth finder, bilge pump, and duel batteries. Always stored in climate controlled garage and salt flushed...
  3. SammyAlexander

    2020 Seadoo gtr 230 Rear Seat Clip

    The rear seat on the 2020 gtr is these two clips that you push in to take it off. Both clips on each side are broke, and the only way to take the seat off is to take two flat head screw drivers and flip up the clip inside. Can you easily replace the the mechanism on the inside that makes the...
  4. DJ230xp

    Any Alternative or is Big Air Cuda Tower the best?

    Anyone using the Big Air Cuda Tower? Wakeboard Tower Mounting Hardware | Cuda Tower | Big Air Wake Towers I just watched this video on YouTube, It convinced me of what I was already thinking about some of these narrow stance mounts. I recently bought a 2007 230 Wake without a tower so I’m in...
  5. JK230SP

    Shift/Throttle control replacement 2012 230SP

    I recently had the shift handle on my 2012 230 SP snap off in my hand. Upon removing the trim, I discovered that the vertical lever broke just below where it inserts into the horizontal handle. Since it is a cast part, there is really no way to repair it.....and because there is no source to...
  6. sheldon2es

    GTR 2015-2016 215hp vs 2017-2018 230hp

  7. S

    Tower shake 230

    Hey guys, I have just bought a used 08 w/ a shaky tower. I have read the threads concerning this and still don't have a definite answer to these couple of questions: Does SeaDoo have a recall on the 08 230? How do you find the front bolts to tighten ? Is this something I can do myself...
  8. S

    08 230 stereo upgrade

    Hey guys,I just bought an 08 230 and I want to see what you think the best call to make with what I have presently. I've got the Jensen w/ the four speakers. I have the OEM tower ( that shakes like crazy )I have bought a tower rack with 4 Polk db speakers. I don't know much about stereos or...
  9. H

    WTB 2008 Challenger 230 (prefered)

    Pls email all offers to XXhrhinfo@gmail.comXX pls remove XX...XX for emailing. All other offers welcome! Thanks!!
  10. M

    2007 Challenger 230 SE - Texas

    460 HP - only 14 hours on the engines. 24’ fiberglass hull with blue and tan styling. Full options including: tandem axle Sea Doo Trailer with brakes. Wakeboard Tower, Custom Cover, Upgraded Stereo w/ MP3 and CD and remote dash controls, Snap in carpet, stow-away dining table, cabin lighting...