1. Hugh S

    New Owner: Sea Doo 210 Wake | New York City / Nantucket

    Hello, Very nice to meet everyone! I am about to close on a 17-hour Sea-Doo 210 Wake (430hp) that was kept on a ball in salt water (yes I know, not the perfect way to dock a jet boat!). I will be trailering it from Nantucket and putting it in a boat slip at the 79th street boat basin in...
  2. R

    2010 Sea-Doo 210 Challenger - In search of new upholstered seat covers.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am looking for replacement seat covers online.
  3. Craziak

    Wassup all 210SP Owners

    I own a: 2011 210 SP, with NA 310 hp, & love it. Currently setting it up to surf. Going pretty well so far. Just going to add delta mission wedge to see what happens. Upcoming upgrades: Speakers/Stereo, The Jensen head unit works good, speakers are horrible, add more locks to...
  4. scottbruns

    Hard Starting Engine

    The port engine on my 2010 Challenger 210 430 was having trouble starting this weekend. Usually both engines start very quickly. The starboard engine acted normally, always starting quickly. The port engine did not want to start. I cranked it for a few seconds, stopped cranking, then tried...
  5. Charlesdev3

    ??'s on First boat purchase.

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and the boating world. I am very interested in the Sea-Doo boats. I love the styling of them and have always liked the jet drive systems. I have played around on many ski's. I am looking at a 2006 Challenger 180 and the other is confusing to me because...
  6. A

    Mercury M2 210 wont start, rebuilt last season, fuel system seems fine, help please!!

    Hi everyone I have a 2001 Seadoo Challenger 1800 M2 210 tri-carb that was rebuilt last season as it threw a piston pin. Boat ran great at the beginning of this season, worked last week in water, although after resting in the water for a while it wouldnt start, and for almost an hour and after...
  7. S

    Metric vs Imperial.....i need to change to Imperail

    2010 210 Wake. Gaugues are all in Metric. digital readouts etc. I would like the old Imperial System on it. Can i change it???
  8. S

    How's it going eh...

    Well I did it. 2010 210 wake bought and pick up less than 3weeks away. Replacing 1978 sidewinder... Can't wait. Southwestern Ontario Canada
  9. R

    2010 challenger 210 itc RPMs match?

    Does anyone out there have a 2010 challenger 210 that both motors run at the same RPMs? Does your SYNC light show in your right tachometer? If the RPMs don't match...does the boat atleast go straight? I recently bought a 210SE 430HP nd having the same problem a few people already seemed to have...
  10. R

    2010 Challenger 210 - motor sync

    My motors don't seem to be synced...and when I tried syncing mode it told me that SYNC was activated ans stiil the SYNC light in the right tachometer didn't come on. Also the starboard engine is turning at about 400 RPMs higher than port engine causing the boat to pull slightly. I just dropped...
  11. A

    2000 challenger merc 210 carb oil premix anyone?

    Hi everyone, I have tries to find info on going premix on my 2000 challenger 2000 I just bought. Low hours on rebuilt merc m2 jetdrive 210hp carved. Oil injection works at this time. What is best method to convert to premix on this engine? Does the oil pump deliver oil to the engine...