2000 xp

  1. S

    2000 951cc SeaDoo 2-Stroke XP AIR BUBBLE IN OIL LINE

    2000 951cc SeaDoo 2-Stroke XP AIR BUBBLE IN OIL LINE A friend of mine was riding the XP high end for about 30 minutes and making really steep zig-zag turns down the mighty Colorado river last summer, then he told me the engine shut off, he tried to re-start and heard clapping sound from the...
  2. D

    Trouble Starting 2000 XP

    So here's what happened... The back section of the SeaDoo got flooded (where the battery, bilge pump, etc...) So I replaced the battery. But now whenever we TRY and start the SeaDoo, it will do the following: Put key on... SeaDoo beeps twice Push Start/Stop, SeaDoo TRIES to kick...
  3. K

    Seadoo 951 DI vs None DI

    Hello I have just bought a rebuilt motor for a very good price form a person overseas. By the sound of it i am very Confident that it is a Carby model (to suit my 2000xp) but if its not what it the differnce between the engines? will i be able to replace the DI parts with the Carby Model part...
  4. D

    2000 XP Loss in top end performance

    I have a 2000 XP. It has been running great but last weekend I noticed a loss in the top end / high speed performance. It will only run about 40 mph and 5k rpm. Normally will hit ~55 mph and ~6300 rpm. I replaced the plugs but they did not look too carboned, nothing out of the ordinary. I...
  5. S

    2000 XP and GT Troubleshooting HELP!

    Hello, My parents recently gave me their old seadoos. One is a 2000 XP and one is a 2000 GT. The XP has been sitting in a garage for a few years and the GT was running last summer. I have changed the batteries and spark plugs. They both sound like they're trying to start but they just won't...
  6. mgmjr12

    Pricing question

    Realized I need a larger 3 seater....need to off load my 2000 XP. However, I'd like to bounce pricing ideas off the Forums. 2000 XP Low Hours. Hull in good shape. Few minor wear and tear. VTS works, and serviced this year. 2 Brand new keys made this year. Registration through...