1. makaveli

    05 SeaDoo Speedster 200 One Engine Revs but does nowhere - Please Help

    Hi Everyone, 05 Speedster 200 (Supercharged Twin Engine). My Right side engine revs up and will barely move the boat as of today. It will rev ALL the way up with normal throttle. Also I see a bit of oil coming from an area shown in photos. Any suggestions? I know essentially nothing about jet...
  2. M

    Dead Optimax Mercury 200, Need Advice

    I have a 2001 Sea Doo Utopia 185 with a 200hp Optimax Mercury Engine. I have owned the boat for the past 14 years and a week ago it died. It was a trip I look forward to every year and we just put her in the water. We got up on plane about 40mph and less than a 1/4 mile the engine shut down. I...
  3. P

    2006 Speedster 200 - Run on one engine?

    Hey all - I've searched the forum and read through the manual and haven't been able to find the answer! Is is safe to run the boat on 1 engine in an emergency situation? (ie. if one engine stops working, suck something up, etc.) I have the twin 215HP SCIC engines. I know it was not safe on...

    2006 seadoo speedster 200 stunt & trick video

    made a video today let me know what you think you can also search me on youtube user adrenex http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjnl6NUiFwE EDIT BY CHRYSTIAN TYLER & VIDEO FOOTAGE BY FRANK PAUL VISIT ROCKTHISNJ.COM FOR CONTACT OR CLOTHING LINE (STUNTS TRICKS & MORE) 2006 SEADOO SPEEDSTER 200...
  5. A

    Dealer has a NEW 2006 Speedster 200 (310hp), what's the best price?

    Hey guys, I found a SeaDoo dealer that has a NEW 2006 Speedster 200 (310hp) for sale. The general manager on the phone told me I could have it for $24,000. I asked if the $3000 rebate was good on the 2006 models and he said yes. What kind of price do you guys think I should offer? Or...