1997 seadoo xp

  1. K

    Seadoo XP 97 - Won't go over 5 mph

    Hello, I am a total newbie to the PWC world. I was given a 97 xp as a project jet ski August 2019 and had no clue where to start until reading these forums. I began by emptying the bad gas and got a new battery. Got some new spark plugs, new gas and eventually got the thing started. The idling...
  2. doberdann1019

    1997 Seadoo XP Project

    I just bought my first jet ski (a 1997 Seadoo XP) and decided to start documenting all the work that I do on it in this forum. I'm sure no one here cares about the crap I do but its a nice way to keep track of everything. I got the ski in average condition for a 97. The most noticeable...
  3. doberdann1019

    2 Throttle Cables?

    I just bought a 1997 Seadoo XP (my first jet ski) and I have been snooping around trying to figure everything out. I see that there looks to be a spare/extra throttle cable. It may not be a throttle cable, but looks like one and travels up to the steering column. It is looped around and zip tied...
  4. doberdann1019

    New to jet skis with some questions

    I just bought my first jet ski, a 1997 Seadoo XP and have a few things I would like to do to it: -re-cover the seat -replace the traction mats -replace the rubber start button -restore the faded hull I was also thinking of stripping all the decals and polishing the whole body. Any...