1997 gsx

  1. B

    97 GSX 787 - Starter Relay/ Soleniod Clicks

    Hello everyone, first post here, and i apologize in advance that its a long one. (Summary): -If everything is 100% perfect voltage wise and the solenoid jump trick doesnt work, can I deduce I have bad starter? -If I find out my DESS post is testing badly, do I need to...
  2. burtshaver2021

    97 GSX counter balance shaft oil height

    Hello, so I purchased my first 787 a few months ago and today while winterizing it I noticed the nylon cap for the oil to go into the counter balance. I took the cap off and put a wire in to see if there was any moisture but could barely tell if there was oil on the wire so I cut a 4” long by...
  3. M

    97 GSX running on one cylinder

    My 97 GSX with the 787 is running on the rear cylinder only. Was running great when I came of the lake last Saturday. What should I look at first?
  4. N

    Hydro turf purple match seadoo gsx stock mats?

    does anyone know if the purple mats available for the 1997 seadoo gsx match with the stock colour purple mats? i live in canada, and cant get samples shipped to match. pics would be much appriciated
  5. R

    1997 GSX no start

    I've got a 97 GSX that will not turn over by using the start/stop button. I have a new battery for it and it is fully charged. The starter will turn over if the hot wires are jumped across at the solenoid. I have tested the start/stop button according to the service manual, and it checks out...
  6. S

    1997 gsx bombardier speedometer

    The speedometer doesn't work on either the speedometer gauge or the digital speed gauge. Im going to start checking everything over with a multimeter tomorrow but thought id ask if anyone had any ideas for where i should start, or what might be wrong with it??