1996 gts

  1. jharding08

    96 GTS Winterization (DIY)

    Looking to winterize my two 96 GTS Skis by myself this year. We moved to northern Colorado, but I am keeping them in an insulated garage (but not heated) all winter I paid to get them winterized last year, but I worked on them in the spring and have a better understanding of the systems, so I...
  2. jharding08

    2 Stroke Oil for 1996 SeaDoo GTS

    I bought two 1996 SeaDoo GTS PWCs end of last season. Guy I got them from took care of them himself including replacing the engine in the one. I took them to a shop to winterize them last year and asked him what all is involved to get them ready this year and he said just put the battery back...
  3. Brodie1709

    Flushing 1996 Seadoo GTS

    Hey everybody, new to this forum. I have a 1996 Seadoo GTS and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to flush this. From what I can see there's no pre installed flush ports on the watercraft so I bought a aftermarket flush kit that installs inline on a water line. That's fine and...
  4. P

    need fuel gauge 278000496, but wondering if i can use 278000073...?

    Hi, I posted the same question in another thread but mistakenly put it in 4tec, sorry and mods please feel free to delete the other one. The gauge I need is not to be found easily, but it seems there may be be others that could work... same size and face, maybe I have to do some soldering on...
  5. J

    1996 seadoo GTS engine does not stop with SAFETY LANYARD

    I have a 1996 Seadoo and the safety lanyard when pulled does not stop the engine, Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. jster91

    No top speed on 1996 GTS - help

    Having an issue with my 96 GTS. Starts and runs fine, full throttle from stop it accelerates fine. Once is gets going faster, it cuts out and shuts down or almost shuts down. It will restart and run fine again. It will run slow, about 4000 rpm continuous without shutting down, but any higher...