Flushing 1996 Seadoo GTS

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Hey everybody, new to this forum.
I have a 1996 Seadoo GTS and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to flush this. From what I can see there's no pre installed flush ports on the watercraft so I bought a aftermarket flush kit that installs inline on a water line. That's fine and all and I have it installed already but I'm worried that it's not running water through the engine properly when I'm trying to flush it. The water flow seems to be very minimal and not coming out of the same places that my 97 GTI does when I flush it. I tried pinching off the back end of the hose to force the water through the engine but it still doesn't seem right. Both seadoos are currently in winter storage but I'm wondering if I hooked it up on the wrong line or something. I followed the instructions on the package but it just doesn't seem right still. Any help anybody can offer would be greatly appreciated.
A 96 should have had the tube on the back of the jet pump that you thread the garden hose into it, shouldn't it? Make sure you put the kit on the intake line, not the outlet line... that would cause similar to what you are decribing.... But whatever you do, start the engine FIRST before starting the hose, then turn the hose off BEFORE shutting engine off when done... blip the throttle 2 or 3 times to flush the water out....
You would think it would have a threaded hose connector on the back but it does not. And I am 99% positive I have the flush line on the intake side (I would say 100% positive but to do that I would have to double check and that would mean going to where I have them stored). Also I know enough to never run the water without having the engine running.
Good @ running water.... too many don't understand this with 2 stroke and hydro lock the engine, then place it in storage and wonder why the engine internald rust out... LOL
You want it in the exit line as you are back flushing the system when it is on the hose.
Whoops... he's right... place on the outlet line...... not the intake... same.as what newer skis have the garden hose attachment on.... to backflush... and adjust the water to where it's only coming out of the pisser on the side a little stream... don't need a full spraying stream...
Also if your ski has a carbon seal on the driveshaft don't run it for more than a minute on the hose or it will burn up. The lake water cools it.
How do I check if it has a carbon seal or not? Also, do I have to pinch off behind the flush port in the water line to force the water through the engine when it's running or just leave it open?
Where the driveshaft comes into the hull you will see a corrugated boot and brown piece then a stainless hat. If it is the carrier it will be a straight hose then a grease fitting.

You will need to clamp the hose to flush.
So why does it matter what side the engine gets flushed from anyways? Just trying to understand this myself. Wouldn't it make more sense for the water to just run the way it normally runs through the system?
No. You want to back flush it on the hose to push out any sand or junk that might come in during normal running.

Sand in the cylinder water jackets is known to cause overheating.
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