1995 speedster

  1. The speedster

    1995 speedster aftermarket dual mpem wiring

    I have a bad mpem in my 1995 speedster which has the twin 657x motors. I have seen where some people change the mpem to using two mpem. I purchased the two aftermarket mpem units and am working on wiring them to my harness. I have figured out some of the wiring however I am not 100% sure I have...
  2. Kanto92

    1995 Speedster

    Hey guys some of you may have already read my last posts about this boat but long story short I need to replace my port engine, i found a running 1995 gtx 650 with a bad hull but a working engine with good compression and a fresh carb rebuild. Is there anything different between the carbs and...
  3. R

    ISO A trailer for a 95 Speedster

    Hello, I have a 95 Speedster, my trailer is shot. By any chance does anyone have one they are looking to sell? I might be interested in a whole boat for the parts. Thanks in advance!
  4. 96BlasterII

    New to me... 95 Speedster

    Great deal came along, or so I hope. So I've Jet skiing for close to 30 yrs now, have owned and still own plenty of PWC's, mostly Yamaha. I would normally inspect the sh!t out of a watercraft, but this was ahh.. an impulse buy due to the lil boat being so darn sexy. So, I just picked up a 1995...
  5. H

    1995 speedster need some expert advice

    I have recently bought a 95 speedster lots of fun love it. I have 2 questions. 1) I made an adapter so I can put antifreeze in the flushing coupler under pressure. Will this winterize the entire cooling system? 2) One engine will not get over and 3k bogs out. If I pull and release the...
  6. S

    New Owner of a 1995 Seadoo Speedster (PURPLE) - Dad and boat are both doing well!

    Hello all! I am the newest owner of a 1995 Seadoo Speedster! I will be looking for a new graphics, stereo and bimini... I welcome any help. Thanks, SK
  7. T

    1995 speedster wearing ring not seated

    i bought a 95 seadoo speedster a month ago,, took it in the water once for couple hours,, starbpard engine died and hobbled back on one engine,, had carbs rebuilt by hopefully experienced mechanic (not alot pwc mechanics in my area). went out today sunday and boat wouldnt gain any speed. also...
  8. L

    Looking to buy a 1995 Speedster

    Hello All, Been browsing this forum for a couple hours now trying to get some info on the 1995 Speedster. Haven't ever owned a boat before but now am looking to buy a 1995 Speedster. Was looking for some info on what I should look for condition wise. Here is what I know: -Asking for...
  9. J

    Virgin Territory for me

    Hello all, thanks for allowing me to take part in the forum. I am a first time boat owner, and the one I bought was a 95 SeaDoo Speedster. So , I read Ive got my work cut out for me. Upon getting it home on friday , I bought the gallon of Seadoo oil , filled the tank ( injection blocked off ...