1994 xp

  1. D

    94 seadoo xp not getting fuel

    I just bought a 94 xp that has been sitting for a few years and will no longer start. I removed the fuel tank, cleaned it out, and put in new fuel. I replaced all the gray fuel lines and a few cracked oil lines. I rebuilt the carburetors and made sure the spark plugs were firing. The engine is...
  2. Brad Ramirez

    Will This Sea Doo Manifold fit my XP?

    Hey Guys, I have a 94 XP 657x SeaDoo that needs a new exhaust manifold. The manifold I took out has Part #979141. Im on my 3rd Ebay purchase of the damn thing and I keep getting screwed. I ordered the 979141 manifold and just received a manifold that has # 697834. It looks slightly...
  3. T

    94 XP No Spark

    A friend took out my 94 XP, 5amp MPEM fuse kept blowing, the genius replaced it with a spare 15amp fuse with caused the tach and the wires leading to the tach to burn. We replaced the tach and all the wires but still have to spark. I've tested the Magneto and the MPEM with a DVOM, using the shop...
  4. PirateDude

    Fuel Leak--94 XP

    During this time of year we are having fairly wide temperature swings. When it has been cold then we warm up to 75+ fuel starts to fill the bottom of the hull and drip out the butt plug. I first thought that the fuel was leaking from the carbs BUT the fuel switch is off so it shouldn't be...