Fuel Leak--94 XP

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During this time of year we are having fairly wide temperature swings. When it has been cold then we warm up to 75+ fuel starts to fill the bottom of the hull and drip out the butt plug.

I first thought that the fuel was leaking from the carbs BUT the fuel switch is off so it shouldn't be coming from there. Anybody have an idea of where the fuel may be coming from. Oh yea, also when I notice this I will loosen the fuel cap and it will hiss, so it seem that I have a vent plugged.
wouldnt run that ski, homey....i'd pull the tank and inspect it, replace the fuel lines..dont know if there cracked, but cant see it......bummer.
Check your gas tank for cracks where the filler neck is. Has your gas tank been replaced yet? There is an open recall with BRP to replace the defective gas tanks. Have your dealer run your HIN to see if your tank has been replaced yet.
Other than that, you will have to look for the leak.
Your gas tank will pressurize and this is normal. The tank vent has a one way check valve that lets air in and not out.

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