1. Mitchapalooza

    What am I doing wrong??

    Hi Folks, I've been lurking on the forums for a while now and I have to say the posts/advice that I've looked at so far has proven extremely helpful in getting me this far - so thank you all very much! Also, thank you in advance for any responses to this thread. Your advice and opinions are...
  2. seaduuude

    92 Seadoo GTX Check Valve Question

    I have a 92 GTX with the 587cc motor. It starts and runs great, for about 15 minutes, then it bogs..then full acceleration...then bogs...then full acceleration. This cycle continues. After I stop it for awhile, it starts and runs great again..for 15 minutes...then the same thing. It is like it...
  3. seaduuude

    92 Seadoo GTX bogs after 20 minutes

    I have a 92 GTX with a 587 motor. I had the carbs rebuilt a month ago because it ran a little rough. It starts and runs in the water just fine, full power and on plane. After it gets hot, it goes into a cycle of bog, rough idle, full speed for 5 seconds, bogs down, rough idle again, full...
  4. L

    1992 Seadoo GTS replace steering cable question

    Here's the question - I see steering cables for sale on Ebay for my 1992 Seadoo GTS. Looks fairly straight forward. Here is the question: What broke was just the last inch or so at the back of the cable - the threaded part that attaches to the water diverter for steering. It left only...
  5. A

    1992 seadoo xp wont start PLEASE HELP

    I have a 1992 seadoo xp and it just quit working the other day on the lake. We replaced the battery before it happened. The solenoid was makng a buzzing noise. My boyfriend replaced it with a ford solenoid and now there is a clicking noise coming from it when we try and start it. I should add...