1800 challenger

  1. Arkbillsfan

    Help!!! Im needing a oil tank for my 1800, oem or non oem...

    :facepalm:IM SO TIRED OF THROWING MONEY AT THIS BOAT. im needing a oil tank for my 98 challenger 1800 with duel 787. someone please help, these tanks are obsolete, I can not find one anywhere. it does not have to be OEM. im to the point IF IT FITS IN THE HOLE IM GOING TO STICK IT IN. Any ideas...
  2. Irish1800

    WTB OEM Bimini Top 1800 Challenger(Burgandy)

    I'm looking for a factory bimini with all hardware if anyone has one laying around. I know I can buy aftermarket, but I've seen some of these and don't like the install.
  3. C

    1999 1800 challenger reverse cable

    The reverse cable on my boat broke up by the handle. Is there a bracket or modifaction that I can put on so that this doesn't happen again? It broke on the brass sleeve part. Acting like it was in a bind to go into reverse, but even worse going forward. I unhooked the cable from the reverse...