1. D

    '09 180 Challenger 255 hp 4-tech just stopped. Looking for where to start?

    Hi All, I am a new owner of this machine this year. Calgary AB Canada. We had 18 hours on it when we got it and during the next 6 hours,we had to be towed in 2x. Not off to a great start ! The First one is entirely due to my stupidity and realizing 3 Feet Deep Means exactly that. First 2...
  2. N

    Challenger broken windshield

    Hi, I have 2008 Challenger 180 SE and the building I was using for winter storage collapsed and one of the beams came down across the windshield and smashed the two side windows and bent the frame. Anyone on here have an idea of where to get a replacement windshield, or aftermarket one, or...
  3. R

    FOR SALE WANTED: Challenger 180 SP (Ontario/Quebec)

    Hi I’m looking to buy a challenger 180 SP (2011/2011). I’m in Canada and can’t cross border due to covid. Willing to drive for the right boat. If you have one or see one for sale let me know. Cheers Rusty
  4. R

    Buying advice challenger 180

    Hi All, First post. Great info on the forums so thanks to all for previous threads. I’m based in Toronto Canada and looking for a fun family boat with some space when in-laws/friends visit too. Think I’ve settled on the challenger 180. Right size and 2005+ looks a little more refined (than...
  5. B

    2012 Challenger 180sp For Sale in Texas

    Hey guys, I'm selling the 180sp so we can move the family to a pontoon boat. Check out the craigslist ad at... http://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/boa/4395638223.html $28,000 44hrs Perfect Condition WetSound Stereo and LED lighting 3yrs left on 5yr Seadoo B.E.S.T Warranty w/$50...
  6. Charlesdev3

    ??'s on First boat purchase.

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and the boating world. I am very interested in the Sea-Doo boats. I love the styling of them and have always liked the jet drive systems. I have played around on many ski's. I am looking at a 2006 Challenger 180 and the other is confusing to me because...
  7. S

    New 05 C180 owner!!, 39 hrs, Tower, clean, justa few Q's. Cavitation on hlsht (Pics)

    After doing some heavy research (Thanks mostly to this forum) I found the boat for my Lady and I. We had to drive 5 hrs but I got a killer deal. It's an 05 Challenger 180 with the 215 Rotax. She has 39 hrs on her(verified at the dealership), the owner advertised the boat as having 70 hrs! I...
  8. T-Hooks180

    2011 sea doo challenger 180, same motor as the ski? PERFORMANCE HELP!!!!

    I have a 2011 sea doo challenger 180 with the 215hp motor in it. I am looking to do some performance mods to give it a little more power throughout. I was wondering if all the mods that work on the 215hp skis would work in my boat and what would be the best thing to get to get more power...
  9. J

    Hole shot horrible help please

    I took my 07 challenger 180 yesterday and it acts like something is caught up in it at dead start. If I take off slow it does fine and also will still run 40/45mph. I looked up underneath and nothing seams to be in the impellar. Why would it start up like that but still run full speed? Thanks JG
  10. A

    2007 Sea-Doo Challenger 180 Jet Boat - Only 4 hours!

    2007 Sea-Doo Challenger 180 Jet Boat $28K or best offer This boat has only 4 hours on it and has been winterized and summerized every year by the dealership. We are selling the boat because we don’t use it much. It’s an excellent boat and it’s in brand new condition. There is a full gallery...