1. R

    12V DC AuxConnector

    I have a 2001 Islandia and my 12V DC connector doesn't work. The fuse is not blown and I purchased and replaced the unit PN710001248 and still no power to charge my phone etc. Has anyone else experienced this and can advise where else to look or even rewire a new one into a fuse box? Should be...
  2. vanymeren93

    Battery Hookups - 2x12v

    Hooking up 2 x 12v's in my 2007 Challenger 230. How long a positive wire do I need?
  3. D

    2009 GTI 155 SE - Feels like "pumping the gas"

    I just bought a 2009 GTI 155SE with 49 hours on it. It was serviced in October and has not been run until now. It was a little hesitant to start and I am only getting a top speed of 35 to 40. (I have the correct key inserted) When I pull the throttle, it feels like it is hesitating and...
  4. wlester

    12V outlet replacement - worked then stopped. HELP!

    The 12V outlet on my 2004 4-Tec never worked and was just rolling around in the electrical wire area. I asked the Seadoo dealer how much it would cost to replace it. He tells me $125. I figured I would live without it. $125 my ***. $4.95 on Amazon...
  5. B

    2001 RX DI slow after replacing Rectifier, batter

    I had the Maintenance light flashing, the 12v. So I put in a new battery, tested, and it was slower, and maintenance flashing. So I replaced the rectifier. Now the maintenance and beep is gone, but it wont go faster than 35, and seems to be half power. The max RPM now is 4560, does...
  6. G

    2001 Seadoo GS, No response from Starter Button.

    I am having issue getting this Ski to start. Right now, I get acknowledgement of the key in, but no response from the start button. The input side of the Rear Electrical Box has the 12V from the Battery. When I jump the input side to output side manually, I hear the Starter freespinning, almost...
  7. C

    2005 Challenger 12 volt outlet

    I am having trouble with my 12v outlet on my challenger. It is not working. I check all fuses and they are fine. I replaced the one for the 'accessory' just in case but it still doesn't work. What else should I try? I know I could always replace it, but do they ever really go bad?
  8. S

    12V Low; Maint; Engine Stalls

    Hi all I recently purchased a 1998 Sea Doo GTX and put it in the water for the first time last weekend. It ran perfectly for about 15 or 20 minutes and then started to bog down and stall. The 12V Low warning light came on and so did the MAINT code. Currently, the MAINT code comes on for a...