Why I love my old XP

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20200607_211147.jpgHad a close call today but came out in good shape.

I was running full throttle down river hugging the right hand bank. Just after I passed a Beaver lodge I had to pull a quick right hand turn but had the XP hook up and rip out from under me, it reacted in a way it has NEVER done before. I was only 15 feet off the bank and the last thing I saw was going into the bank at a 30 degree angle straight at a group of stumps and logs left by the Beaver. I was going back first at the logs thinking "I'm too close and fast to not hit these things". I hit hard but it wasn't a stick jab. I had stopped fast and stood up with leaves flying all over the place and my XP about 40 feet down stream with a bunch of leaves and sticks falling off it.

The canoers who saw it all happen said I went skipping and the XP got a little ahead of me, glanced off the bank and went between me and stumps just as I slammed into the DOO. Full body slam. The XP took some gelcoat damage on the nose, below the water line and my hood has cracks with wood wedged in them but it came out in running condition. I feel like I got run over by a bus but am happy to swim away from it.

The one day I rode without a helmet to...

I'm going to be feeling this one tomorrow. Tylenol for me, some TLC for my ride and we'll be back on the river.
Dang bro..... glad you are vertical !! Whatever don't kill you makes you stronger, some of the time. LOL
Yikes, good to hear you weren't more seriously hurt.

I have had similar things happen on my xp. It surprises me all the time. I've put a lot of time into learning how to turn tight at high speeds but there is so much more that it can do than I'm willing to try. I've busted me shins so many times being thrown that my subconscious will no longer allow me to push it further.

That said you can't really help it when something unexpected happens. I suppose that is one of the issues that is multiplied while river riding as well.

Did you have you camera out with you :D ? It's definitely a good cautionary tale.
It sounds like quite the spill! I’m glad you were able to walk away from it, even if you are going to be popping Tylenol like candy for a few days!
I'm wondering if I didn't rub a log under the water since it was right next to a beaver lodge. Like I said, the machine did something it never has done before, the hardest turn I have ever felt.

I work a 4/10 schedule so today is a regular day off, thank goodness. Lots of tylenol and a good case of whiplash down the entire spine, if that's possible.

Going to take my young Nephews out for a SLOW ride on the GTXs today, be the big Uncle and make some happy memories.

I looked at the XP today and could have sworn I heard it say "Oh heck no! I am NOT going back out today after what you did to me yesterday!!!!"

I really wish I had that one on video, it would be in those "Fail" videos for the rest of history.
I roadraced motorcycles for a few years and I still love riding on the track. I tell my wife... after you fall it becomes a new adventure, different rules apply and you are still the pliot. :D : D
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