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Which upgrades first for more "fun" - VTS / Impeller / or Wear ring


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Sea-Doo Spark 3UP w/ Rotar 900 ACE HO and iBR
I know there is a thread similiar to this one but I figured this would be easier to post a new one rather than have people go through the old one to find my questions at the very end.

I have a 2015 Spark 3UP 90 with iBR that I bought with 9 hours on it.

Just purchased a level 2 wrap for $200+ and I wish I would have waited and got some other upgrades for it! I am putting the Hydroturf on hold because I feel I will enjoy some other mods first.

I am looking to increase acceleration and top speed.
I love making the Spark "bronco" up out of the water by punching the throttle.

Right now I am getting 48mph. I haven't checked the wear ring or impeller yet for any imperfections from the previous owner.

I have read a bit about the VTS, Impeller, and Wear Ring upgrades.
Can anyone give some insight on which ones I should do first or any other upgrades?
I don't think I am looking to do anything more extreme than those upgrades I just listed but I am all open ears.

Any feedback or recommendations is greatly appreciated.

I read that adding the VTS takes the Spark to a whole new level of fun as far as jumping up out the water, is this true?

I was looking at the Rivas or Stainless steel wear rings and the Solas impeller or the Skat.

Thanks in advanced.


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I also bought a used 2014 Spark 3Up IBR this summer. I know this is an older post but it could help others.

My top speed was just like yours 48 MPH.
I installed a new wear ring and a Solas 12/17. I just added a ribbon delete.
Now the top speed is 52 MPH and bottom end is much improved.
My spark is stock other than these mods.

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