water leaking into enginge compartment

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have a 2002 sportster LE had it for 3 years great boat.

Had a huge storm flooded the boat ( has happened b4) so i started the process of draining the engine etc etc I noticed a black thin plastic line with a gray-white end on it had com disconnected this is one of 4 thin black lines that hang off the rear of the engine compartment I couldn't seem to figure were it goes. I got the engine drained and the electrical parts dry and started to boat it started after a few sputtering trys.

water started pouring in the boat from the left side of the engine near the plastic cover over the impeller shaft i shut the boat off.

Now ideally you would think the hose should go were the leak is, problem there was so much water this little thin line could never take that amount

I could take is to the dealer but hes sort of a prick and i don't want my boat there for 3 weeks for something that's probably 20 seconds

any help would be great
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