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Hi, I am having trouble finding the source of my leak. The hull fills rather quickly when jumping the ski around, however once it fills if I go fast round the lake without jumping the water clears out pretty quickly. I have already replaced the VTS boot. Ski is a 98 gsxl
Water is cold
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I just noticed that the nut for the steering shaft is loose. Could this be a a source of a water leak or is it supposed to be this way? Screenshot_20200620-144442_Gallery.jpg
So I just filled the ski with water and tipped it back far and there is a consistent slow drip coming from the bottom left of the pump shoe. As I understand it water can not leak inside out form the shoe so what could be the cause?
There is only two ways the water can get in the hull. 1) through the hull in some location that is leaking. 2) through a cooling system leak.

If it clears out when going fast and not jumping around could mean the leak is on the transom somewhere. Or it could be a cracked hose moving around when you jump.

What do you see when it is in the water and you remove the seat/ open hatch. Step on the ski and look. That will put most thru hulls under the water line. Check all water lines for cracks, splits, loose connections.
If it were me I would go ahead and replace those fittings with the aluminum ones. Had one shatter a few weeks ago and lost steering and hull started to fill up with water. Lucky I installed a bilge pump.
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