Want to change Crownline for Seadoo but wich model is best choice?

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Dear user of Sea Doo boat, I need your help to change my boat. Actually I run a Crownline 180BR and I love it except in front of my house their is only 16'' water depth and it is not enough. As I can see Sea Doo boat only need 12'' so I want to change it but I do not know wich model to choice.

Honestly I really do not know this boat, bad and good point so please could you helping me to find the good direction as wich motor is not good, if Utopia 185 is good because they do not do it anymore, is their is some best year, wich motor is best to buy etc...

Also, If gound of the lake is soft and dirt do you see potential problem with turbine?

what should I look first with seller for this kind of boat?

I want to buy a boat with less problem, good consumption, for long time run!

Here is some opportunities I saw:
Utopia 185 with that look great
Utopia 205 2005 with wake tower etc... also is interesting optimax V6 3L
Challenger 180 rotax 4 tec
Utopia 185 2004 , V6 MERCURY OPTIMAX 250HP

my budget is around 20 000$, I have kid of 7 year old so all water sport will be important for year to come!

Many thanks to all answer it will help, it will be an honor to run a Sea Doo!

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You cant run them in 16'' of water you need 4ft so you dont suck anything up into the pump. I personaly like the speedster 200 with twin 155hp or you can get the utopia with twin 155hp aswell. The newer ones with the 155hp 4tec motor are the best, the V6 2 stroker ones can be very expensive to find and fix problems.
Thanks Sportsterjoel,

It is really problem if I need 4 feet! If I run the speedboat at idle speed to go to deeper water I have maybe 1000 ft to do, do you think it could suck something in the pump.

Crazy question, Have you ever seen the option to attach a electric motor to it to go to deeper water?

Thanks for your help

whats that bottom like where you boat? these have alot of suction and can suck a 2in rock off the bottom in 3feet of water. Where are you on a beach on in a channel?
...If I run the speedboat at idle speed to go to deeper water I have maybe 1000 ft to do, do you think it could suck something in the pump...
It could and it will. Don't forget that the idle speed is very high on these boats to maintain control, they develop a lot of suction at idle. If you find yourself accidently in 12 inches of water, shut the engines down fast and get out and push. I like the idea of a trolling motor.
I am on a lake, but at the end of the lake so at my quaie I have usually 24'' water but in the summer when it come very dry I could have sometime 16''. This is the reason why I sold my inboard motor crownline. The bottom of the lake is sand, but not hard sand, when you walk someplace it do suction with your feet.

So I can understand that under 36'' water it is not recommend for this kind of boat?

Have you ever seen people with trolling motor?

Can sand in the turbine can break it?

Maybe I would be better with an outboard motor boat? But I do not want a fishing boat!

thanks for help

Ya sand can wreck the wear ring very quick, Cant you push it out into a little deeper water till your at least waist deep befor starting it?
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