Voltage stays constant on ALL rpm range (13.5v)

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Need advice from members who has experienced a similar problem I had on my 07 Challenger 180... charging system tested at 13.45 volts DC on battery post during idle AND stayed at 13.45 on all RPM range....

The problem started when I burnt up my voltage regulator from the partly melted 3 pin Deutsch harness by the regulator. I suspected a corroded plug so I changed out both plugs (the one by the engine and the one going to the regulator).

I also changed out the 30A fuse holder with new fuse, put die electric grease everywhere. Afterwards, I have tested everything, resistance, continuity, ground corrosion and diodes on the voltage regulator, all good. All ground connections are CLEAN. Stator output is perfect (22 VAC on idle and 36 VAC on 3500 RPM), brand new good battery (12.85v), brand new OEM SeaDoo regulator.

Only thing out of place is when I tested amp output on the 30A holder, I got 6 amps at idle, but as soon as I rev the engine, amps goes to 0.

Anybody knows exactly why?? I know somebody out there has to experience something like this... I am suspecting intermittent shorts somewhere? Can someone tell me the MOST usual spots for shorts in the challenger 180 SC (215hp) before I order brand new wiring.

Thanks in advance.
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