Very hot water Comming out of my Bilge pump Seadoo 150 2007

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I live in South Florida and took my boat out for it first run since purchasing in March. Ocean water temperature was around 80 Deg. When running my Bilge pump I noticed the water coming out was very hot (Almost burning my hand)
Could this hot water be caused by the cooling plate which is located close to the bilge pump ?

So far I have checked the following.

I ran the engine on land for about 10 min and did not see any water leaking from the hoses.
Checked the temperature of the engine with a laser thermometer and it had a constant temperature and did not continue to rise over 155 deg (dashboard has never indicated an over heat problem)

When I purchased the boat I noticed the water reservoir was empty and had to add about 1/4 gallon of water.
I did not think this was an issue since most cars I own the tank is empty ( figure flows out when gets hot.)
Don't think the little bit flowing out can cause the hot water coming out of my bilge pump.
( After my first run it was empty again)

I have always owned an outboard engine and this is the first inboard I own. On my previous boats I never noticed the hot water coming out of my bilge pump. Please provide any feed back.
I want to make I fix any issues before getting broken down in the bay.

First off, be careful when running the boat out of water. The manual states that you are not supposed to run the boat out of water (on the hose) for more than about 3 minutes. The drive shaft seal (carbon ring) is not cooled when the boat is out of water. If you run it too long without being cooled it can wear very fast and you will have a costly replacement project. Not to mention, you could also overheat your engine since the ride plate/head exchanger is also not cooled when out of water.

The hot water coming from the bilge is probably normal for this boat. The engine sits relatively low in the hull, so when you have a few inches of water (enough to trigger the bilge) that water can come in contact with the bottom of the engine which does get hot as you are out having fun. The engine itself is heating up the water, and then at a later time when you discharge the bilge it comes out hot.

Question is, do you experience an above normal amount of water entering your boat and ending up in your bilge? How much and how often do you need to evacuate the bilge and how much is usually in there? It is normal for these boats to take on some water while floating (due to the design of the drive shaft seals) but it should not be that much. My boat does not leak a drop.

Also, you mentioned that you filled the "reservoir" with about a 1/2 gallon of water. That reservoir is supposed to hold coolant for your engine (closed loop cooling system) and is supposed to be a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water just like your car. By adding that much water you may have diluted the coolant enough that it may not be effective anymore; which means that on a hot day you could overheat your engine. I would drain and replace the coolant with a 50/50 mix. Once you do get it filled back correctly, keep and eye on the level as it should never really drop or evaporate since it is a sealed system with the cap on. If you do loose coolant, then you could have a leak or bad head gasket.

Hope this helps some...
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Correct me if I'm wrong. but are you saying the bilge pump...which takes water out of the pumping HOT water.
Are you sure it's the bilge and not the pee or tell tale hole which is connected to the exhaust pipe......That water will be on the hotter side & it's normal.

Where is this "bilge pump" outlet?

****OK after reading Devon's post.
Did the "bilge" pump out hot water while running off the hose?
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...after running the boat Speedster 150 for some time, especially when we take on a bit of water from waves and such, if I manually turn on the bilge pump, the water can be very hot. I assume this is because the water in the engine compartment is being heated by the engine.

I wouldn't worry about it. Look at where your bilge pump is, and you'll see what I mean.
Thanks for the feed back. I took the boat out today and did not get much or any water coming out of my bilge pump. When I took it out of the water I did see the little bit of water draining was a bit hot. I figure this must be from the engine compartment which is hot.

I did not know about the carbon Ring over heating while running the boat out of the water and will be sure not to run it longer than 3 minutes.

Thanks :)
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